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Want to get extra cash in your pocket while helping your client close?

It’s simple! Register as a Tachus Real Estate Associate and get $100 when your client signs up for Tachus. The best part? They also get a FREE month of Internet. It’s a win/win!
Become a Tachus Real Estate Associate by submitting your application.
Share your unique referral link and QR code with your clients.
Get $100 for yourself, and a month of FREE Internet for your client.
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See what your neighbors are saying about Tachus

"Great speed, price, and communication with install teams. Jose L. went above and beyond helping us to set up our mesh network and testing the speed at all points in our network."


Is there a benefit to my client?

Yes! Your clients will get a free month of Tachus service.

Why is my referral not showing in my MyTachus portal?

Referrals only show up in your MyTachus portal when someone has clicked on and used your unique referral link to register for service. As soon as your client uses your unique link, you will see the referral displayed in your portal. If you think there may be an error, please call Parisa!

When will I receive my incentive payment?

You will be issued $100 for each install completed through your unique referral link. Payments will be made at the end of each month.

Is there a limit to how much incentive payment I can earn?

Not at all! There is no limit to how many incentive payments you can receive. However, as an independent contractor, all realtor partners will receive a 1099 tax form for earnings of $600 and over.

How does the Client Form work?

If you prefer a manual process with your client, please refer to the client form provided on your flash drive. You will email Parisa the complete form. She will work with our customer service team to call your client and schedule their install.

Do I need to be a Tachus customer to join the Real Estate Referral Program?

Not being a Tachus customer doesn't impact your eligibility for the Real Estate Referral Program, so feel free to sign up.