Why Tachus Installs Flowerpots in Front Yards

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July 14, 2023

Have you seen front yards and rights-of-way in your community that have big, tube-shaped utility boxes on them? Chances are, you have. They’re hard to miss, and even harder to get used to for homeowners who have them. While several Internet providers install these boxes between each house in order to bring their connection to their customers, many residents have described them as tall, in the way, distracting, and difficult to hide. In this post, we’ll talk about what these boxes do, why several fiber Internet providers use them, and why Tachus installs buried flowerpots instead.

What Is the Big Box That Internet Providers Install in Front Yards?

These green boxes are called pedestals and are what Internet providers rely on to bring their connection into their customers’ homes. Also used by cable TV and landline providers, pedestals can range from twelve to thirty-six inches tall. In the case of fiber Internet service, the main purpose of a pedestal is to house and protect the connection point between a provider’s network and the fiber line that is run to the customer’s home. Pedestals are also used by crews and technicians to access that connection point.

A tall, aboveground fiber pedestal
A fiber distribution pedestal in a resident's front yard

No matter how happy a customer is with their Internet service, having a pedestal that’s up to three feet tall either in front or behind one’s house will always be a downside. Ask any customer if they would choose to receive their service without having a tall box in their front yard or right-of-way, and they would say yes. This begs the questions: do Internet providers really need to use these pedestals to deliver a high-quality service to their customers? The answer: they don’t. Here’s how Tachus makes it possible to receive blazing-fast, reliable fiber Internet without a pedestal getting in the way.

About Tachus’ Flowerpots

Instead of an aboveground pedestal, Tachus installs an underground pull box called a flowerpot. Our flowerpots are buried and capped by a nine- or ten-inch-wide lid that is level with the ground. These flowerpots are not only flat to the ground, but are far less noticeable than pedestals, easily hidden by grass, and never in the way. In addition to these flowerpots, Tachus installs buried brooks boxes that are fourteen inches wide. Each brooks box contains a fiber splitter that makes our connection capable of being distributed to several flowerpots and homes directly, and is completely underground.

A small, flat flowerpot flush to the ground
A newly-installed flowerpot

So why do other fiber providers still use pedestals when they could be using buried flowerpots? The main reason is cost. A connection point that is housed in an aboveground pedestal is less expensive to install and easier for technicians to access than a buried flowerpot. However, we at Tachus believe it’s worth it in the long run to use buried flowerpots and brooks boxes. This enables us to offer a service with the uncompromised durability and reliability that comes with a fully buried fiber-to-the-home network. It also keeps our customers’ front yards and rights-of-way looking their best.

Flowerpots and aboveground pedestals together. Pedestals are far more noticeable.
Both pictures contain pedestals and flowerpots. Can you spot the flowerpots?

To learn more about how we build our fiber network into our communities, read our post about our construction and installation process. To see if our service is available in your area, check your address at tachus.com/getfiber.


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