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July 19, 2021

What is the most frustrating thing about getting Internet service from most providers today? Maybe it’s the slowed or throttled speeds. Maybe it’s the data caps. Maybe it’s the thirteenth month price hikes. Some of these problems vary from provider to provider, and from service to service. But there’s a problem that is almost guaranteed for most Internet users today: hidden costs and extra fees.

If you look at your most recent bill for your Internet service, especially if you use a larger provider, how many different fees do you see added to the base pricing you were initially quoted? You’re receiving one service from one provider, so why all the extra charges? Before signing up for a new plan, whether or not an Internet provider imposes these extra fees should be one of the first things for you to find out when doing your research.

If you were to take a look at the bills Tachus customers receive for their Internet service, you’d immediately notice one thing: they’re never longer than one line. You might find that unusual, and you wouldn’t be blamed if you did. Many Internet users who pay for a larger provider’s service are used to seeing several costs that add up to their final cost; including equipment rental fees, sales tax, overage charges, and other fees.

Customers of Tachus, on the other hand, after having their service installed only have to worry about one fee: their Internet service fee. The amount that is displayed on our website and that we quote to our customers before they register with us is exactly what they pay us each month.

Our customers can’t use our service without using our modem, so we don’t charge them a separate fee to rent one from us. We don’t have to pay a sales tax on Internet service as a provider in Texas, so neither should our customers. We understand our customers need fast and reliable Internet, so we don’t restrict their ability to use it or charge them overages for abundant use. And we don’t impose any extra charges or fees for anything aside from the product or service we directly provide to our customers.

Tachus was founded on transparency, and that transparency is reflected in every aspect of our service, including our billing. After your modem is installed, the only monthly fee you will ever have to worry about is the flat rate that we charge you for Internet service. And you can pay that monthly fee without having to worry about any price increases or long term contracts; it’s a lifetime price that you pay month-to-month.

Billing can be a frustrating part of Internet service, but it doesn't have to be.

For more information about our pricing, service, or blazing fast fiber Internet speeds, visit our website and our address checker to see if we’re available in your community. If you don’t have fiber in your area, learn more about how you can get Tachus fiber into your neighborhood.


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