Why Fiber Will Raise Your Home’s Value

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June 17, 2021

As a homeowner, many different actions affect the value of your home, whether it’s updating your interior design, installing new appliances, or simply staying on top of regular upkeep. But what if there was a way to add even more value to your home without having to do any work to it? There is, and it’s getting access to fiber Internet! The University of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University completed a study and found that the availability of 1 Gbps speed Internet can add an average of 3.4% to a home’s value. The findings of this study were based on data from home sales, the Census Bureau, and the National Broadband Map.

Why Fiber?

Out of all the Internet options that can potentially raise your home’s value, the services that use fiber will serve you as well as anyone who purchases your home from you the best. The biggest reason for this to anyone with plans to sell their home is that fiber is far more durable and can last decades without being replaced. While there are some copper connections that can reach 1 Gbps, they’ll have to be changed far more frequently and won’t be quite as effective of a selling point as fiber.

Another aspect of fiber that makes it attractive as a long term service for your home is that it is future proof. This means that as our technology becomes more advanced and our demand for faster speeds and more bandwidth grows, fiber can be easily made to accommodate that. Fiber is capable of supporting speeds far faster than what we currently use it for. While we continue to update and replace the technology on either end of it, fiber is here to stay for a long time.

The Value of Fiber

Access to fiber will make your home stand out. According to the study mentioned earlier as well as a study done by the fiber to the Home Council Americas, it can add more than $5,400 to the value of an average home in the United States. Think about other ways you can add that amount of value to your home. Most of them involve costly or tedious projects, right? By getting access to fiber, not only will the necessary work be done for you, but you can enjoy blazing speeds of fiber Internet.

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