Why Fiber Will Keep You Cozy and Connected This Holiday Season

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July 14, 2023

Each year, the Internet sees a spike in usage during the holiday season. Whether we’re contacting family members and loved ones, arranging travel plans, or shopping for gifts, we depend on the Internet the most during the last two months of the year. Even Christmas Eve and Christmas Day each typically see a spike, which is higher each year as more people take to video-calling their loved ones, sharing well wishes via social media or email, and trying out any new devices they received as gifts.

Unfortunately, for this reason, users experience slower speeds, network congestion, and higher latency during the holidays as well. This is because most copper cable networks that Internet providers utilize are outdated and are becoming less capable of accommodating a growing user base. The good news is that fiber’s future-proof technology has none of the problems copper cable has, and will keep users cozy and connected this holiday season as well as future holiday seasons. Here’s why.

1 Gig Only Scratches the Surface

Fiber Internet connections easily and consistently provide 1 Gbps, a speed that is so far above and beyond previous standards of Internet service. If you want to download a video game that is 50GB, or 400 gigabits, a 1 Gbps Internet connection could download it in about seven minutes. You can also stream ultra high definition videos on Netflix and still have the bandwidth to use other devices while you do. This is because 4k videos require 56 gigabits per hour; a fiber Internet plan that enables you to upload and download a gigabit each second can easily accommodate this.

But 1 Gbps is just the beginning. We still haven’t uncovered fiber’s true potential as it has been repeatedly used to set and break records for Internet speed.

Fiber Doesn’t Have the Same Limitations as Copper

Fiber optic cables are made of thin glass fibers that carry data at superior speeds and for much longer distances. Fiber is unaffected by electricity, which means it’s less prone to connectivity problems caused by interference from electronic devices. This will also help users stream, video-call, and run any home automation or security technology completely uninterrupted.

FTTH Customers Are Unaffected by Other Users

As we mentioned before, network congestion from a higher number of users is a big issue for anyone trying to go online during the holiday season. Fortunately, fiber Internet providers like Tachus offer a dedicated fiber-to-the-home connection, eliminating any bottlenecks users might experience when trying to go online during peak times. Because each household has its own direct connection, customers of FTTH providers will have access to a consistently higher bandwidth.

If you want to stay cozy and connected this holiday season, there’s no better way to do so than with a fast, reliable, and dedicated fiber connection.

If you want to learn how to get our 100% fiber network in your community, read our post on our registration and construction process to learn more.


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