Why Fiber Is Future-Proof

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July 14, 2023

It was recently announced that researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology have broken the world record for fastest Internet speed, achieving a rate of 319 terabits per second and nearly doubling the previous record of 178 terabits per second. This new record of 319 terabits per second (equal to 319,000 Gbps) was accomplished using existing fiber-optic infrastructure. We often discuss how fast 1 Gbps is, and the wonders it can do for your home’s Internet connection. Right now, any household’s bandwidth needs can be easily met with a 1 Gbps connection; you’d be hard-pressed to find any homeowner who would need more. So why are we excited about research into speeds that exceed 1 gigabit per second by so much? Because it demonstrates one of the several reasons that make fiber Internet future-proof and here to stay. Let’s talk about why that’s important.

Future-Proofing Your Internet Service

Just about every Internet user has wondered at some point if their Internet service meets their needs. When your video buffers, your game lags, or a download is taking way too long, you can’t help but ask yourself if your Internet provider is really giving you the service you and your family require in order to get a fast, stable connection. And chances are, you’re probably asking that question more often if your provider still uses a copper cable or DSL network.

Internet providers that use a future-proof technology like fiber can not only meet their users’ current needs, but can meet their future needs as well. In years to come as households replace their devices with more advanced ones, install more home automation systems and appliances, and use the Internet more for everyday activities spanning from work to entertainment, they will require increasingly faster upload and download speeds. As our use of the Internet and the technologies we connect to it become more innovative, copper and DSL-based services will soon no longer be able to keep up with the demand. With fiber on the other hand, we’ve only just scratched the surface of its potential—which is evident by the record-breaking speed mentioned at the beginning of this post. But speed isn’t the only reason why fiber is the Internet technology of the future.

Fiber Is Reliable

With copper itself being highly susceptible to interference and radio waves, cable networks that are built with it are that much less reliable when located near electronic devices that frequently transmit data. This also makes them at higher risk of being intercepted by third parties. Temperature variation and inclement weather can also compromise a signal over a copper network. Fiber is highly resistant to all of these factors, giving users more uptime during harsh conditions.

Fiber Has a Longer Lifespan

Another factor that contributes to its long-term use is its lifespan. Because fiber is made from glass material while copper is metal, fiber is much more resistant to corrosion and deterioration, while copper degrades much faster. It’s for this reason that while cable needs to be replaced roughly every five years, fiber can last for decades. If you see fiber being installed in your neighborhood, you can be confident that it will likely stay in the ground for a very long time.

Fiber Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Having access to fiber Internet can raise your home’s resale value. A study has found that access to high-speed fiber can add roughly 3% to your house’s value. Think of the time-consuming or expensive projects that would typically add that value to your home; a fiber Internet provider installing their network in your neighborhood can do that for your household without you having to lift a finger.

Sooner or later, cable and DSL networks will be a thing of the past. They are struggling to keep up with how we currently use the Internet. As our needs continue to evolve, the only technology we should be using is one that we know can meet not just current demands, but future ones as well.

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