Why Fiber Is a Must for Online Gaming

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July 14, 2023

Online gaming requires fast speeds and minimum lag time to achieve top performance. That is why a fiber Internet connection is a gamer’s greatest asset. With Tachus, you have access to symmetrical speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, giving you the upper hand against your opponents. Here are some advantages of fiber Internet for gamers.

You need fast, reliable Internet to play online and there is nothing faster than fiber. Fiber-optic cables perform at the speed of light; about 30 times faster than the average copper wire connection. The speed and reliability of fiber ensures you will never have to worry about falling behind again.

Low Ping and Lag Time
Few things disrupt a game more than lag time. In an online match, lagging makes it impossible to compete. Slow response time is caused by latency issues, which can make even the fastest Internet connections seem slow. Lag is often a result of high ping, which is how fast a player can send a command to the game and have the game or its server respond to it. The lower your ping, the faster and smoother your gameplay will be. There are several contributing factors to high ping, however a big one would be your Internet speed. With the speed of fiber, you are guaranteed to get your data from point A to point B faster than anyone with a copper wire connection.

Direct Connection
A direct connection is ideal for gaming online, and all Tachus customers connect directly to our network. A direct connection to your home means you are not sharing your speeds with your neighbors and will never see a slowdown at peak times. When other gamers start to experience lag at 5pm as everyone comes home from work, your speeds will remain unaffected. You'll never have to wonder why you're not getting the speeds you were promised.

Future Technology and Virtual Reality
As video game developers continue to improve their graphics, fiber-optic speeds allow you to experience your game exactly as the creators envisioned. The newest wave of gaming is VR, allowing you to virtually step into the game and more directly interact with the characters and setting. But VR only works if your Internet speeds can keep up. With a fiber connection, you will have more than enough bandwidth to enjoy a lag-free VR experience.

Fiber is the only choice for gamers looking for a fast and reliable Internet connection. If you are a gamer who wants to improve your speeds, sign up for Tachus’s lightning fast Internet today.


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