Why Fiber Internet Can Boost Your Home Security

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December 12, 2022

Home automation technology is one of the biggest ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) has started to change our lives. It’s making home life more comfortable, convenient, and productive. It’s also making it more secure. As home automation technology as well as smart devices and appliances are becoming more advanced, so are home security systems. A growing number of homes are being equipped with alarm systems that utilize motion detectors and glass-shatter sensors, HD surveillance cameras that can stream footage to your phone, remote controlled door locks, and more. But the more advanced and intelligent you make your home security system, the more you would need to rely on a fast and reliable Internet connection.

Do You Need Internet for a Home Security System?

As with the latest home automation technology, the latest home security technology requires a lot of power and resources, which is something many people overlook. Among the most important resources you would need is a strong Internet connection. The more devices you use, the more certain you need to be that your Internet connection can support them. You can only benefit from this kind of technology if you have the bandwidth to support it as well as fast upload and download speeds. If you use a camera, especially a wireless one, you’ll need both a strong Internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi signal to stream or store the footage. The same thing goes for any device that you can monitor or control remotely. If you have an alarm system, it will require an Internet connection to alert your security station or company.

Is Fiber Internet Better for Home Security?

Upgrading to fiber Internet, if possible, would be a huge benefit to not only your home security systems and devices but to your Internet experience as a whole. The bandwidth you get with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps as well as the reliability that comes with a dedicated fiber connection will ensure that your security systems are always up and running. And while you enjoy the peace of mind that round-the-clock security can offer you, you’ll still have enough bandwidth to use other home automation devices, stream TV, play videogames, work from home, or use your Internet connection in any way you see fit. You can benefit from all of this without having to worry about data caps, throttling, or slow speeds during peak usage hours.

With extra bandwidth at a fair price, anybody can benefit from a home security system. Fiber Internet is the best way to do this because its speed isn’t affected by your neighbors’ usage, and it has the best potential for faster speeds in the future. So if you’re interested in upgrading your home security system, see if Tachus fiber is available in your area. If you don't have fiber in your community, talk to your HOA and your neighbors about bringing Tachus fiber Internet into your neighborhood.


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