Why Tachus Charges a Deposit for Early Registrations

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January 18, 2022

If you're familiar with our service, you know that we ask communities interested in getting Tachus to pay a deposit. This deposit, which we have just lowered to $9, is used to determine the demand for Tachus fiber Internet in each community, and is an approach several larger fiber Internet providers including Google and Ting have taken when entering new communities. This is because simply having residents sign up isn't the most accurate way for an expanding Internet provider to gauge interest; it would be too easy and it could likely be done by anyone in a household. When we ask for a deposit after opening a community for early registrations, we are trying to determine two things:

  1. The person signing up is genuinely interested in Tachus' service and plans to have it installed to their home when available. We want to separate these residents from ones who would fill out a form out of curiosity or mild interest, but are still undecided about installing our service and would therefore not pay the deposit.
  1. The person signing up is a primary decision maker in their household, and would be capable of enrolling in one of our monthly plans once we're available to them. While our service can benefit the whole family, we want to make sure that whoever is expressing interest in connecting our service to their home is the one responsible for their household's finances.

We make the decision to serve a community once we confirm that enough residents in that community are genuinely interested in our service and capable of enrolling and installing it to their homes—and the deposits help us determine this more accurately. Gauging interest and capability is the only purpose a deposit serves. We don't use it for anything else, and we credit it back to you in two scenarios:

  1. We decide to enter your community and install our service to your home, at which point we credit the deposit against your first bill.
  1. We do not raise enough interest in your community and decide not to build in your neighborhood, at which point the deposit is refunded back to you.

Not only do we credit or refund the amount back to you, but paying that deposit and registering early will also waive our $49 installation fee. So if you're interested in getting our fiber Internet service, you have nothing to lose by paying the $9 because you will get it back whether or not we enter your community, and you'll save $49 on your installation! So if Tachus is open for registration in your area and you're interested in getting our fiber Internet to your home, you have more to gain by registering early with a deposit than by waiting for us to be in your neighborhood and paying for your installment.

If you're not sure whether we're in your area, check your address here. If you want to learn more about our registration or construction process, read our post about getting Tachus fiber into your neighborhood.


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