What Is the Meaning Behind Tachus?

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December 12, 2022

When forming a fiber Internet company that delivers the fastest speeds possible, Hal Brumfield knew he wanted to give it a name that conveys just that. He eventually arrived on “Tachus”, derived from the Greek “ταχύς”, which translates to quick, swift, ready, and prompt in English. In fact, the word is also the namesake for tachyons—hypothetical particles that travel faster than light.

Unfortunately, many Internet users would not call their providers’ service quick, swift, ready, or prompt. Because of outdated infrastructure, slowdowns during peak usage hours, data caps, and throttled speeds, many providers simply cannot maintain the speeds they’ve been promising their customers. Users who test their Internet speed are often very surprised at just how much less speed they’re getting than what they’re paying for.

The name Tachus reflects our mission to always provide our community with an Internet connection that is blazing fast and reliable. With this mission, we make every effort to maximize our customers’ speed and uptime, and ensure that their service is always quick, swift, ready, and prompt.

If you want to know if our fast fiber Internet service is in your area, check your address here. If Tachus isn't in your neighborhood yet, learn how you can bring us into your community.


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