What Is the Difference Between FTTH, FTTC, and FTTN?

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June 17, 2021

If you’re researching fiber Internet providers, there’s a chance you’ve started to become familiar with terms such as “FTTN”, “FTTC”, or “FTTH”. There isn’t just one kind of fiber network, and knowing the difference between the different options out there can make a difference in your ability to fully utilize a fiber Internet connection.

What Is FTTN?

FTTN can stand for either “Fiber to the Node” or “Fiber to the Neighborhood” and can be used to serve a few hundred customers. With this kind of service, the fiber doesn’t go directly to your home; it connects to a central node placed in the neighborhood, which in turn delivers the Internet connection to your home via cable or DSL. Households receiving this kind of service are within a one-mile radius from the cabinet. This means customers using an FTTN Internet connection can consist of up to one mile of cable or DSL. Bandwidth is lost over this last mile, resulting in a lower throughput for customers.

What Is FTTC?

FTTC stands for “Fiber to the Curb” but does not refer to the concrete curb in front of your home. The fiber connects to a distribution point unit, often a closet or pole capable of serving several households within 1,000 feet. For customers using FTTC Internet, a remaining distance of up to 1,000 feet of their connection consists of coaxial cable or twisted pair. Bandwidth is lost over the last 1,000 feet as well, resulting in a lower throughput for customers.

What Is FTTH?

FTTH stands for “Fiber to the Home” and as the name implies, it consists of a 100% fiber connection all the way to your home. Tachus is a fiber Internet provider that builds FTTH networks in our communities, which is why you’ll often hear us mention that our network is 100% fiber. Because each household has its own direct connection, customers that use FTTH providers like Tachus will have access to a higher bandwidth. Building and installing FTTH networks is an extensive process, which is why we gauge interest in each community before deciding to bring our service to it.

If you want to see if your household has access to Tachus' FTTH Internet, check your address here. If you're interested in getting our 100% fiber Internet connection into your community, learn how here.


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