What Is a Fiber Internet Modem?

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July 14, 2023

What’s the difference between the modems we install and cable modems you’ve used in the past? Let’s start by explaining just what kind of modem we use.

What Is an Optical Network Terminal?

The modems we use are Fiber modems, also called Optical Network Terminals. The name Optical Network Terminal, or ONT, refers to a Fiber modem’s ability to transform the optical signal received from Tachus’ fiber-optic network into the data used by your devices.

There are some similarities and differences between an ONT and a traditional modem.

ONTs vs Cable Modems

While it would seem convenient to continue using your old modem and router once you start receiving Fiber Internet service, it won’t benefit you. This is because traditional cable modems can't receive light signals from a Fiber network or convert them into digital signals.

They can only work with analogue signals sent over a traditional cable network with copper wiring. This makes Fiber Internet and older modems incompatible. That’s why we offer a Fiber modem, or ONT, to our customers at no extra cost. This is available for customers on all Tachus Internet plans.

When we install our ONT, our fiber-optic cable connects directly to it, bringing our 100% fiber-optic Internet connection into your home.

Learn the DOs and DON'Ts of your Tachus modem.

About Tachus’ Fiber Modems

Tachus provides a DZS 2424A1 ONT, an advanced Fiber modem that delivers the optical signals and Gigabit upload and download speed that our network provides to your home. You can learn more about the DZS modem’s specifications here.

Learn how to troubleshoot your Tachus modem.

Of course, before you use Fiber Internet equipment you must first have access to a Fiber Internet connection. Does your community have access to the blazing-fast, symmetrical Internet speeds and unmatched reliability that Fiber has to offer? If you’re not sure, check your address to find out if Tachus Fiber Internet is offering our high-speed service to your area! Our 100% Fiber Internet and our advanced Optical Network Terminal work together to provide a super fast and super simple service to our customers and to our communities!


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