How To Watch Astros Games Without Cable

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July 14, 2023

The Astros have made it to the World Series! There are a few ways you can tune in and watch the 'Stros win it all, some of which offer FREE trials or discounts! Learn how to watch the Astros in the World Series here!

Want to watch your favorite baseball team this season, but don’t know how without cable TV? Not to worry! There are a few ways you can watch the Houston Astros live using a streaming service.

You can expect to see most games on AT&T SportsNet Southwest, where in-market Astros games are exclusively broadcasted.

If you're a casual fan who doesn't need to watch every game live, you can also catch nationally televised regular season games on FOX, FS1, TBS, and MLB Network. However, you won't be able to tune into every Astros game with these networks like you could with SportsNet.

Depending on the services or devices you plan on using to switch to streaming, this gives you a few different options for watching Astros games.

Learn more about how to cut the cord on your cable TV plan and start saving every month!

Streaming Live TV

One way to stream Houston Astros games is to watch using AT&T SportsNet Southwest, as they have exclusive rights to in-market Astros and Rockets games.

Do you have a Smart TV or streaming device like a Firestick or Roku to connect to your TV? If you do, all you need to stream TV now is the right streaming service to download onto it.

Find your next streaming device here.

At the moment, you can only find this regional sports network and the market games it offers on fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM.

Both streaming services also offer channels that carry nationally televised games such as ABC, FOX, ESPN, TBS, and FS1. These nationally televised channels can also be accessed if you have Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Here's a breakdown of each service you can use:


Price: $69.99

Offers: AT&T SportsNet Southwest, ESPN, FOX, TBS, and FS1

Free Trial: 5 Days

With DIRECTV STREAM, you can access all of the nationally televised games for the base pricing. Try out their free trial for five days and see if you like it. If you want to get AT&T SportsNet Southwest, however, you'll have to upgrade to the Choice package for an additional $20 per month.


Price: $69.99

Offers: AT&T SportsNet Southwest, ESPN, FOX, and FS1

Free Trial: 7 Days

A fuboTV subscription also offers most of the nationally televised games, as well as AT&T SportsNet Southwest. Try out the seven free trial days first. If you want to watch out-of-network games, you can purchase the Sports Plus package for an additional $10.99 per month and access the MLB Network.

Hulu + Live TV

Price: $69.99

Offers: ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS

Free Trial: None

With Hulu + Live TV, you have access to Houston Astros games on Fox, FS1, TBS, and ESPN. You'll also have access to other live sports, news, events, and a robust offering of TV shows.

Sling TV

Price: $35

Offers: ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS

Free Trial: None

A Sling Orange subscription gives you access to ESPN, while a Sling Blue subscription gives you access to FS1. You can also buy access to the MLB Network with Sling's Sports Extra for $11 per month.

YouTube TV

Price: $64.99

Offers: ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS

Free Trial: None

YouTube TV offers access to Astros games on FOX, FS1, TBS, and ESPN. You can also watch out-of-market games using the MLB Network. Start of with a seven-day trial.

Don’t already have one of these services? Don’t worry—you can create an account and then close it as soon as the season’s over. Billing is month-to-month, and there are no contracts.

Streaming with

You can watch games on, but you will only be able to see out-of-market MLB games. This means Astros games may be blacked out as long as you’re trying to watch them in Greater Houston. However, you can remove these blackout restrictions if you’re open to using a VPN.

A VPN is a great way to legally hide your location. They’re extremely safe to use and are a great way to add an extra layer of privacy when you go online. Reputable VPNs include NordVPN and Express VPN.

Using a TV Antenna To Watch Broadcast Channels

This depends on what channels you live in range of. FOX occasionally shows popular games during weekends, which can be accessed by an Over the Air (OTA) Antenna. If you’re really not interested in streaming your next Astros game, find out if an antenna works for you.

For more information on cutting the cord on cable, visit our MyBundle.TV page, where Tachus customers are switching to streaming services and ditching their cable TV plans for good. Don't let your cable TV plan keep you in the minor leagues. Start streaming your games live and hit a home run this season.


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