VoIP: Why It's Time to Ditch Your Landline

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July 14, 2023

Since its creation, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has begun to seriously change how we communicate. Using VoIP rather than copper phone lines has already allowed several businesses and a growing number of households to enjoy several advantages.

There's a good chance that you're using a VoIP phone system at work. Have you ever thought about using one at home? If you use a landline in your house, there might be several reasons by you're hesitant to adopt a VoIP. Maybe your current landline is bundled with your Internet service and don't want to risk paying more. Maybe you haven't heard to much about the technology and don't know if you can trust it. If you're wondering whether switching to VoIP is a good idea, hopefully we can help you make the decision.

Here are some reasons VoIP will benefit you more than your current phone service at home, and why its time to leave the landline behind.

VoIP Is More Affordable Than Traditional Landline Phones

If you have a broadband Internet connection in your home, installing and using a VoIP might be much cheaper than you think. With voice calls being transmitted over the Internet, VoIP providers don’t have to install expensive phone lines to support their systems. With their costs being so much lower than other phone providers', their pricing will ultimately be more affordable to their customers.

And just like any other communication over the Internet, VoIP voice calls have no geographical boundaries. That means the concepts of local, long-distance, and international calls are irrelevant when using VoIP, which means you're free to call people anywhere in the world at a low cost. If you have friends or family living outside of the country, VoIP is a must for you.

VoIP Is Easier To Install and Update

An important thing to know about VoIP systems is how easier they are to install. Traditional phone lines require that their physical infrastructure be laid; VoIP does not.

You also don’t have to be very tech-savvy to install VoIP at home. It's an incredibly simple process that involves little more than connecting a line between your computer and power source. Calls can be made through the computer on a speaker, headset, or a VoIP telephone set. You also have the option of using an app on your cellphone to make calls using the same VoIP number.

To install your VoIP system, just hook it up to your Wi-Fi equipment.

Updating your VoIP service is also easy to do. Just like with other Internet connected devices, you can just hit a button and download it without buying any new hardware.

VoIP Can Be Used Anywhere

Whether you’re using a VoIP mobile app or a cheap plugged in phone, you will always have a phone with you that is connected to your home's phone number.

This allows consumers to use their phone when away from home, while still making and receiving calls with the exact same telephone number.

VoIP Has Several Useful Features

An important benefit of VoIP that traditional landlines don't offer is the amount of add-on technology that comes with a VoIP service. As VoIP phones transmit and receive data more similarly to any Internet connected than a landline phone, they're capable of extra features.

Many VoIP phone services provide features as part of their standard package that either would have incurred extra charges or would not have been possible with traditional phone providers. These features include but are not limited to call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID, and video messaging.

Moving Has Never Been Easier With VoIP

Users of traditional landlines in the process of moving have to contact their carrier to transfer phone lines if they want to successfully move their phone service with them. With VoIP, this part of the move is not required. This is because VoIP services aren't connected to a particular line, device, or location.

All you have to do with your phone is unplug it and take to your new home, and you'll still keep your phone number and account.

There's No Way but Up for VoIP

As businesses have thrived with VoIP technology, more residential customers are learning that VoIP is the future of voice communication.

Traditional landline phones are now a legacy product, and carriers have already started to reduce their investment in them. As landline technology has begun to fall behind, VoIP is becoming a common feature of the home and will continue to do so.

With fiber Internet transforming households' Internet connectivity, the time to start using VoIP has come. As many household are future-proofing their homes' Internet connection with fiber, they now have the opportunity to future-proof their telephone systems with VoIP technology.


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