The Tachus 12 Days of Giving!

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June 17, 2021

This holiday season, we are hosting the Tachus 12 Days of Giving!

Every day from December 1-12, we will be posting fiber Internet and holiday themed challenges on Facebook and giving away presents. Each day you participate is a chance that you can win a gift from us! That means you will have 12 chances to win, so stay tuned and check our Facebook page each day for a new challenge.

Anybody who either lives in a Tachus territory or has requested service from Tachus will be eligible to participate in this event. This is because we will need your address in our system to send you your gift if you win one! If you haven’t registered, do so now!

The challenges will go up at 7:00 AM, and a winner will be selected each day by 7:00 PM. For the best chance to win, you'll just need to like, share, and comment on our post when you participate in our daily challenge.

Each gift is a surprise, which we will reveal on our Facebook page each time we announce a winner. We have some great gifts in store for you ranging from credit to swag to even some new devices, so don’t miss out on any of our challenges!

Check below for some hints about some of the upcoming posts and challenges.

Good luck, and happy holidays!

The Tachus 12 Days of Giving Clues:
Day 1: ???
Day 2: What’s your taste in music?
Day 3: ???
Day 4: Make sure to brush up on your emoji game!
Day 5: ???
Day 6: ???
Day 7: ???
Day 8: What’s your taste in movies?
Day 9: ???
Day 10: ???
Day 11: How are your holiday decorating skills?
Day 12: ???


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