Tachus Supports Damaged Utility Penalty in The Woodlands



June 22, 2021

Following a rise in broken utility lines, The Woodlands Township is now considering putting in place a penalty fee for any individual or organization responsible for a damaged utility line. Here is why Tachus is a proponent for this proposed penalty.

In The Woodlands alone, Tachus is investing over $45 million to bring residents a buried, blazing fast and reliable fiber Internet connection that will remain online even during the harshest weather conditions. It will also outlast existing legacy cable and DSL networks by decades.

Bringing Tachus to The Woodlands requires a comprehensive construction process in which Tachus’ contractors install conduit and fiber in the front rights-of-way along streets. Tachus’ #1 goal with construction is to keep it as safe and non-disruptive as possible.

Before a project, contractors performing the physical construction must request that existing utility companies mark the location of their lines with flags and temporary paint, either by calling 811 or by contacting them directly. Under Texas law, most existing utilities have 48 hours from then to mark, or locate, their lines, and the ensuing construction must be completed within 14 days. Otherwise, the locate process has to be re-initiated.

Parties that do not follow this established law are liable for damages, and Tachus supports the Township’s proposal to penalize at-fault excavators or utility owners when Township resources are required. While Tachus enforces its contractors to strictly adhere to Texas law, unfortunately these contractors have encountered an usually high number of situations of utility companies not accurately marking their lines or, sometimes, leaving them unmarked. Tachus is in discussions with these utility companies to find ways to improve their locates and make this process safer for residents of The Woodlands.

Tachus addresses every construction issue that we are notified of, so if you have experienced one, please call Tachus directly at 832.791.1100.


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