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July 14, 2023

Football season is back, and officially kicks off September 8.

You may already have a plan for how you’ll tune into games. If not, check out our blog on how to stream Texans games for a fraction of the price you pay for cable TV.

But if you’re a super fan like some members of the Tachus team, you’re also probably planning on playing in a fantasy football league. If you’re joining or starting a new league, or if you want to mix things up with the league you’re in right now, you might consider using a new platform.

As long as you have a fast, reliable Internet connection, finding the right website to host your fantasy football league can make a huge difference in how you and your friends play the game. Here are some of our top picks for fantasy Football platforms for your league.


Over the last few years, MyFantasyLeague has become one of the more popular paid platforms. Depending on when you join, it can cost between $69.95 and $89.85 to start your league on this site. Splitting that cost among your league won’t amount to that high of a price per person, if you don’t mind paying roughly $8.

In return for that fee, you get a lot of customization that many other platforms won’t offer you. You’ll be able to customize your league page appearance, as well as use much more flexible scoring, drafting, rules, and scheduling settings.

Admittedly, because the interface offers so much, new users may not get it right away. But league members who’ve gotten the hang of it are happy with how much they can get out of it. Users also highly recommend it for keeper or dynasty fantasy football leagues in which league members can keep their players from year to year rather than redrafting each season.

If you’re looking for a more basic platform to use, we suggest you look at one of our other picks.


A newer platform, Sleeper offers several great perks as a part of its free service. It makes it easy to set your redraft, keeper, or dynasty leagues. It also comes with an easy to use chat feature in the app.

Many users who like Sleeper claim its interface is among the easiest they’ve used. Users have also praised the chat feature as being a central part of the app, making it much easier to seamlessly play and communicate with people in their leagues, and making the app itself more interactive. Another praised feature of Sleeper is how quick users get news—some users claim even faster than some of the more established platforms.

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Speaking of established platforms, Yahoo Fantasy Football is a pick we just can’t leave out. It was actually one of the first free fantasy football sites that became widely used. Users enjoy the ability to track stats in real time. It’s also known to be among the easiest platforms to use. You would be remiss not to at least consider Yahoo Fantasy Football.

ESPN Fantasy

Another well-known, free platform, one of the things that makes ESPN’s hosting site popular is how simple it is. It’s very easy to set up the league and invite managers. It also sends frequent alerts based on whether a player is ruled out or questionable, or if one of your benched players is projected to outperform a starter.

Users have also praised the platform’s ability to review previous draft results, as well as how easy to use the ESPN’s app is compared to other platforms.

While these are our top picks, we do have a few honorable mentions that include NFL Fantasy Football, CBS Sports Fantasy, and Fleaflicker.

Now that you’re set with your new fantasy football platform, you just need to make sure you have a blazing-fast, dependable Internet connection. Check your address, and see if Tachus Fiber Internet is available in your area so your league can be supported by the speed and reliability of a 100% Fiber network!


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