Tachus’ Net Promoter Score Distinguishes It as An Industry Leader Among ISPs



September 12, 2022

Tachus has been rated as an industry leader in telecommunications and Internet service! Every year, Tachus, along with other Internet providers and companies in all industries, announces our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) following an annual customer satisfaction survey.

This survey is sent to all active Tachus customers and consists of one question: How likely would you recommend our service to a friend or colleague. Recipients answer this question on a scale of 1 to 10, and an aggregate score is taken across all responses.

The survey’s lowest possible score is -100 (yes, there are companies with negative scores), and its highest possible score is 100. Bain & Company (creators of NPS) consider companies with a score of at least 50 to be excellent, and companies with at least 80 to be world class. Apple’s NPS score is 72, H-E-B’s is 68, Chick-fil-A’s is 67, Amazon’s is 73, and Southwest Airlines’ is 62.

Companies in telecommunications and Internet service, however, don’t typically score so high. In fact, telecommunications has the lowest industry average score, which is 31. This low average reflects the level of dissatisfaction many customers have with their Internet providers, and why our mission at Tachus is to improve how our communities view Internet service.

It’s for this reason that, following this year’s NPS survey, Tachus is thrilled to announce we have accomplished a score of 88—2.8x the industry average!

Having been named the fastest download speed in the Houston area by speedtest.net earlier this year, we’re so excited that both our blazing-fast Fiber Internet and our transparent customer service are being recognized and trusted by industry experts and customers alike.

Tachus proudly serves over 20,000 customers in Atascocita, Lake Conroe, Porter, Kingwood, and The Woodlands. And as we continue to expand in Greater Houston as well as in Dallas, we look forward to bringing Houston’s fastest download speeds and world class service to more homes and communities in Texas.


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