Tachus Lights up Its First Home in The Woodlands



November 17, 2022

As of October 21, 2020, Tachus is officially providing service to our first household in Cochran’s Crossing, a central neighborhood in Tachus’ own backyard: The Woodlands. We are truly excited to provide our service to our neighbors.

Tachus’ exceptionally fast fiber Internet speeds are not the only thing residents of Cochran’s Crossing can expect. They will also have the support of our local customer service team, based in our headquarters in The Woodlands. As a local Internet provider, we strive to bring the best possible service to our own community, with an emphasis on transparency and customer relationships. Residents of the village of Cochran’s Crossing now have access to blazing fast fiber Internet with prompt and thorough customer service. And it comes with no strings attached; no price increases, no extra taxes or fees, no data caps, and no throttling.

Cochran’s Crossing will also be offered a level of dependability and durability they’ve never had before. Our buried fiber-optic network ensures the highest level of network speeds and reliability even during the harshest weather conditions. And with fiber’s life cycle spanning several decades compared to copper’s lasting only a small fraction of that, it will last far longer than any network that utilizes copper. “We are building a generational network,” said Tachus Co-founder, President, and CFO Carter Old. “We promise the best possible service today, with the ability to seamlessly upgrade speeds tomorrow.”

Other villages of The Woodlands are open for registration, and we would love the opportunity to bring Tachus’ high-speed Internet service to the rest of our community. If you’re interested in bringing Tachus’ fiber network to your neighborhood, be sure to preregister or check your address and tell your neighbors and friends about us. For more information on Tachus or our fiber connection, check out the rest of our blog, and follow the Tachus team on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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