Tachus Lights Its First Home in Atascocita



April 29, 2022

As of March, 2022, Tachus has installed our service to our very first customers in Atascocita! Residents of the Claytons Park subdivision, Angelo and Patricia Gallini, became the first Tachus customers in Atascocita after struggling to consistently get the speeds they were paying for from their previous provider.

Having recently cut the cord and turned to streaming TV, they could not enjoy what they were watching because of constant interruptions. After learning that Tachus provided each customer with a dedicated connection to our 100% Fiber network, they reserved their address.

“It was just issue after issue with our last provider,” said Patricia. “But then we saw one of Tachus’ ads. We read up on them, and put down our deposit soon after.”

As we get ready to open the rest of Atascocita Southwest for home installations, we have also begun construction in Atascocita North and plan to complete our network there by Fall of 2022. Both of these areas in Atascocita will be able to access our network’s blazing-fast speeds, as well as the support of our local customer service team based in The Woodlands.

They will also get their service with no extra fees, data caps, throttling, or contracts. As a local Internet provider, Tachus strives to bring the best possible service to our communities, with an emphasis on transparency and customer relationships.

Other neighborhoods in Atascocita are now open for reservation, and we look forward to offering our service to them soon. If you’re interested in bringing Tachus Fiber Internet to your neighborhood, request service and reserve your address, and tell your neighbors and friends about us.

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