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July 6, 2021

Tachus provides high-speed, reliable fiber-optic Internet service. To enable access to this, we install either an indoor or outdoor wired modem that allows any device to plug in and use the Internet and a single fiber-optic cable plugged into it. If you prefer to access the Internet using a Wi-Fi access point or router, you would need to purchase one online or from an electronics store.

Like your power or water company, we bring the service to your home and install our “utility meter” (wired modem). Unlike a utility company, however, we provide unmetered, unfiltered, and unthrottled Internet service. For example, if you need an electrical outlet or water faucet installed, repaired, or replaced, you call an electrician or plumber, not your electric or water company. Similarly, with Tachus if you have an issue with your home wiring, Wi-Fi access point, router, or other Internet connected device not installed by Tachus, you may use a tech support specialist of your choice. If you’re not sure who to call, see below for trusted specialists other Tachus customers use and recommend.

Andres Fain

Andres is one of Bentwater’s most trusted Technology solution providers. If you need help with your home Wi-Fi system or new cabling run throughout your home, Andres is a trusted Bentwater vendor.

You can reach Andres Fains at 281-837-8300.


TRCA was established in 1991 and with over 100 employees and 2,000+ appointments per year, TRCA is a well-known and established vendor in the Bentwater and North Houston area. Their team of highly trained experts are ready to guide you through a seamless Wi-Fi experience. Give them a call today!

You can reach TRCA at 1-800-384-8105.

At Wits End Technologies

At Wits End Technologies was founded in 2001 by Sam Coleman with the main focus of telecommunications training and consulting work. Since then At Wits End Technologies has helped Bentwater residents with running CAT5 cable to hardwired devices that use a lot of Internet, as well as serviced voice over Internet phone systems and other IT and Internet services.

You can reach Adrian Steen at 281-444-2500.

A Sound Resolution

A Sound Resolution comes highly recommended by Bentwater residents in offering a fair and economical approach to setting up your home Wi-Fi system.

You can reach Chris Golonka at 832-515-4131.

Associated Wiring Solutions

Associated Wiring Solutions is another great vendor recommended by Bentwater residents. Call them today for a quote on setting up a new Wi-Fi system and making sure your home is ready and fully equipped for your new high-speed Fiber Internet.

You can reach Cris Allen at 281-638-0505.

Pinnacle AV

Pinnacle Audio & Visual can take your home entertainment experience to a higher level! Call Pinnacle today to schedule your free consultation and discuss how to optimize your home to fully experience your new Tachus Fiber Internet.

You can reach Pinnacle at 281-780-0181.

If you have used any of the specialists or companies below, please be sure to click on the link below their name and leave a review. If you’d like to recommend a company in your community that is not on this list, please let us know by sending an email to support@tachus.com.


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