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December 12, 2022

On January 11, 2021, Your T1 WIFI, an Internet provider in North Idaho as well as the greater Spokane area, announced it would block Facebook and Twitter in response to their customers’ requests to do so. This is due to Twitter and Facebook’s decision to ban President Donald Trump following the events that took place in Washington DC the previous week. As common as it is for social media platforms to ban users, an Internet provider like Your T1 WIFI’s decision to block content online, even if upon their customers’ requests, warrants a discussion about net neutrality.

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data and content on the Internet equally and without discrimination. In states that enforce net neutrality, Internet service providers are prevented from intentionally slowing down, blocking, or charging premiums for specific online content. This is why Your T1 WIFI, which provides service to customers in Spokane, may be in violation of the net neutrality law enforced by Washington state.

How does net neutrality affect me?

With President Joe Biden having recently named Jessica Rosenworcel, a proponent of net neutrality, as Acting Chairwoman of the FCC, there is a chance net neutrality can return at the federal level soon. However, for now it can only be enforced by state law. States like Washington, California, and Oregon have passed legislation into law, enforcing net neutrality at the state level. While many of the remaining states have legislation either proposed or pending, several others, including Texas, do not. In states without net neutrality, such as Texas, Internet providers have the ability to prioritize access to certain websites over others, with or without their customers’ permission.

It is Tachus' belief that as long as your online activity is legal, you should have the right to use the Internet as you need to. Each of our customers is an individual who is free to use the Internet in their own way, whether it is for work, education, leisure, communication, or recreation. As an Internet provider, it is not our goal to limit or filter the content you interact with online—our goal is to connect you to all the Internet has to offer with our fast and reliable service.

Whether or not net neutrality will be enforced in Texas, you can always count on us to give you a fair, unrestricted, and dependable service. Interested in a fiber ISP that gives you freedom, reliability, and blazing fast speed? Check your address and see if we're in your neighborhood.


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