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January 28, 2022

As a local Fiber Internet provider, the communities we serve are at the center of our mission. We can’t build our 100% Fiber network without the trust and support of the communities where we build them. That’s why it’s important that we keep residents updated on our work in their neighborhood. One of the ways in which we do this is on our website’s Community Status page.

If you want to know where your neighborhood stands in either our enrollment or our construction process, you can easily find out by visiting our Community Status page and clicking on your region. From there, you can see if your community is under our “Open for Deposit”, “Under Construction”, or “Tachus Is Ready” tab.

If your community is open for deposit, you’ll notice a progress bar with a percentage. This lets you know how far along your community is before you reach our registration and deposit goal. If you community has reached its goal, it will be under construction.

Once construction is complete, which Tachus will be ready to be installed in your community. If you don’t see your region or neighborhood anywhere on this page yet but want to, spread the word about Tachus to your friends and neighbors! If enough of them sign up, you might see your community on this page soon.

This page is a great resource for anyone following Tachus’ progress as we continue to work offer our service and build our network to new communities. It lets residents know how close they are to getting Tachus in their neighborhoods, whether we’re building in their area, or whether our service is already available to them.

However, if your community is under construction, you can gain access to more detailed updates by registering to Tachus and receiving our construction emails. These emails are sent by each subsection within a community and keep residents informed throughout every step of our construction process.

View our Community Status page now to see where your neighborhood stands.


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