Just How Fast Is 1 Gbps?

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December 12, 2022

Speed is a cornerstone of all Internet usage. Internet speed will have a massive effect on anything you do online, whether you’re downloading a document for work, videoconferencing, streaming a movie, checking your email, gaming, or posting on social media. And the more you and your household use the Internet, the more speed you need. Many Internet providers, especially fiber providers like Tachus, offer up to 1,000 Mbps, or 1 Gbps. But just how fast is 1 Gbps?

What Is a Gigabit?

We can start to answer this question by explaining what Gbps stands for and what it means. Gbps stands for gigabits per second, and measures specifically the speed at which data is transmitted. Data is usually measured in bits. 1,000 bits make up a kilobit, and 1,000 kilobits make up a megabit. Most modern Internet connection speeds are measured in megabits per second, or Mbps, with many Internet users currently on 100 or 500 Mbps plans. As stated earlier, 1,000 megabits make up 1 gigabit, meaning 1 gigabit equals 1 billion bits. If you’re getting gigabit speeds, that means you are capable of sending or receiving data at 1 billion bits per second. The lowest speed that’s considered broadband is 25 Mbps, and 1 Gbps is 40 times faster than that.

How Fast Can I Stream or Download with 1 Gbps?

Let’s use an example. According to Netflix, streaming ultra high definition (4K) videos uses 7GB of data per hour. 7GB (gigabytes) equals 56 gigabits, which means you would need 56 gigabits per hour; this is easily surpassed by 1 Gbps speeds, leaving you the ability to use the Internet on other devices while you stream. Another example to consider is downloading large files such as videogames. If you want to download a video game that is 50GB, or 400 gigabits, a 1 Gbps Internet connection could download it in about seven minutes. On a 1 Gbps plan, you can say goodbye to long, frustrating wait time when downloading.

With 1 Gbps Internet you have the ability to send and receive much more data in a much shorter time. Whether it's streaming in 4K, downloading a large file, gaming, or videoconferencing, any heavy usage of the Internet is best suited with gigabit speeds. And gigabit speeds are at their best when they are supported by the durability and reliability of fiber. 1 Gbps plans are offered by Internet providers with non-fiber networks, but customers who use these plans frequently find that they're not getting the gigabit speeds they were promised for a variety of reasons. With fiber to the home service, you can get a 1 Gbps connection that is less susceptible than DSL or cable to power outages, peak hour slowdowns, throttling, or data caps.

If you’re ready for faster Internet speeds, check your address on our site to see if we’re available in your community. If Tachus fiber Internet is not yet available in your area, learn how you can bring our blazing fast gigabit speeds into your neighborhood.


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