How To Watch College Basketball This March

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March 13, 2023

The collegiate Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament is almost here. Sixty-eight teams competing in seven rounds over the course of three weeks will surely make for some great television. How do you plan to watch your favorite college team run the gauntlet and win it all this year?

Learn how you can watch it without cable!

When and where are the games this March?

Check out the official schedule, with dates and locations, below:

March Madness Schedule

Where can I watch the tournament this March?

All tournament games will air on TBS, CBS, TNT, and truTV. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with a cable TV plan to tune in. Here are some ways you can get access to every single game on month-to-month plans while taking advantage of free trials or discounts in the process.

Sling TV

$40 per month—$20 off for the first month, and a free OTA Antenna available

Sling Blue carries TBS, TNT, and truTV, giving you access to most of the games. The only channel you aren’t guaranteed is CBS. HOWEVER, if you take advantage of Sling TV’s current promotion, you can get a free antenna with a two-month prepayment—giving you the access you need to CBS and its games.

Learn more about OTA antennas and how they can help you cut the cord on cable.

With a Sling Blue subscription and your free antenna receiving the CBS games, you’ll be able to tune in to every game for as low as $20 (if you’re a first-time Sling user). If you don’t want to keep using Sling TV after the games, cancel any time!

Shop here

YouTube TV

$64.99 per month—$10 off for the first three months

So maybe you’re looking for a streaming service that carries all of the channels in its own offering. YouTube TV will be the most affordable service to help you do that. If you’re a first time user, you can access all the games and more for $54.99 per month for your first three months. Don’t want to keep YouTube TV after April 3? Cancel any time!

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Hulu + Live TV

$69.99 per month

If you want to watch all of the games AND get access to Disney+ and ESPN+, Hulu + Live TV is a good fit for you.

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$75.99 per month—free trial available

A winning pick for fans of all sports, fuboTV will give you a lot more than just college basketball games. While you won’t get the local broadcast for CBS, their site does state that you will have access to CBS East Broadcast instead. So if you’re interested and you’re a first-time user, take advantage of their free trial and watch a week’s worth of games at no cost!

Want to try another streaming service to watch the remainder of your games? Cancel any time!

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It’s time to cut the cord on cable and switch to simpler, contract-free streaming supported by blazing-fast, ultra-reliable Fiber Internet!

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