How Fiber Internet Can Benefit You

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July 14, 2023

A solid Internet connection at home has become an essential resource for the average American, especially as we’ve become more reliant on it for work, education, and entertainment over the last year. And as our technology becomes more advanced, the need for faster and more reliable Internet will only grow. As this demand for speed and reliability continues to mount, Fiber Internet has quickly grown in popularity. Because of the several benefits it can offer them, more and more homeowners are switching to fiber as it becomes available to them. Here’s why you should switch too.

Fiber Is Future-Proof

It’s only a matter of time before networks that use DSL or cable become entirely obsolete. Inevitably, the speeds we will require will outlast what a copper-based system can deliver. Fiber, on the other hand, has the potential to carry 100 Gbps or even 1 Tbps of data. This means that as you continue to upgrade or replace the computers or devices that you use to send or receive data, the fiber that transmits it will be able to serve you for a very long time.

Fiber Is Fast

Fiber’s speed is probably its most well-known benefit. On a 1 Gbps plan, you can download data at 112.06 MB per second. This you can download a 500 MB video in 4 seconds. This speed is made possible by the bandwidth of a dedicated fiber line to each household, which makes enables multiple people under the same roof to use their computers and devices simultaneously without any lagging or buffering.

Fiber Raises Your Home’s Value

You can add to home’s resale value without having to do any work to it. Having access to Fiber can increase your home’s value by approximately 3%, according to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University. Fiber is just another easy investment you can make in your house if you plan to sell it.

Fiber Makes Homes and Communities Safe    

Fiber Internet can benefit you during a storm or in an emergency by providing a more durable and reliable connection. This level of reliability makes it an ideal network for home surveillance or security systems as well. It’s also a safer method of connection against cybercriminals or interference so long as you’re taking the necessary precautions with your Wi-Fi system and other devices.

As our technology becomes more advanced and interconnected, there are a growing number of benefits we can enjoy from a faster and more reliable Internet connection, from how we work and communicate to how we spend our leisure time. And there’s no Internet connection faster and more reliable than fiber. If you’re interested in fiber, check your address here to see if Tachus fiber Internet available in your area. If we’re not, learn how you can get Tachus fiber into your community.


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