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July 14, 2023

For more than twenty years, I worked in IT with a focus on telecom. But it wasn’t until I helped my elderly mother with her Internet service that I fully understood just how frustrating the industry can be for customers.

Here’s why—Internet service is slow and expensive, and bills are convoluted. Prices jump with no real explanation. Deep down, I knew there had to be a way to give people like my mom a better experience—one that’s fast and reliable, and one they could trust.

My mom, who was a schoolteacher for decades, retired early after my dad got cancer. When dad passed away, we decided to move her into a community of people age 55 plus so she could be around her peers. It was a new development, and she was one of the first to move in. I got her set up with Internet for $70 a month and streaming TV for $30 a month. So her total bill was $100—not great, but not bad, and the service was fine.

Then, twelve months later she got her Internet bill. Instead of the usual $70, it was a whopping $150. Her bill had more than doubled with no service change and no explanation. I was shocked. The new, hefty bill was a big deal for a retired schoolteacher. At the same time, more and more folks were moving into her development and service was getting slower and less reliable. Her streaming TV was pausing and buffering.

Mom and I negotiated her bill down to $130 a month. But still, for the level of service she was getting, it was too much. I was also having Internet problems myself. My Internet often stopped working for 30 minutes at a time. I just couldn’t spend hours on the phone with technicians trying to troubleshoot what went wrong. It was frustrating.

Not long after, my wife’s sister and her family came from Switzerland to visit us in Houston for Christmas. She’d bought her six-year-old son a gaming system from Santa, and she asked me—the family tech guy—if she should buy and bring games too. I said no, don’t worry, we can download them. No need to lug games across the world.

So Christmas Day comes around, and my nephew is beaming as he pulls his gift from the box. We hook it up to our TV and go to download a game and a message pops up—the download will be complete in two days. He’s upset, and he starts crying. There’s nothing at this point I can do to make the Internet go any faster. So I try to start playing a movie to help calm him down, and another message pops up—it will be twelve hours until the movie starts. It was at that moment that everything added up and I decided, I’ve got the knowledge to make change in this industry, and I’m going to do it. I was lucky enough to link up with Tachus’ now President and CFO Carter Old, who shares a similar vision.

Unfortunately, today there’s a pretty high level of distrust in the Internet industry because of confusing bills, random price hikes and unreliable, slow service. With Tachus, Carter and I are thrilled to bring blazing fast Internet as well as honest and transparent service to our community here in Houston. With the growth we’re seeing, we know customers are hungry for this kind of service. They want change.

When we hear from our customers about how seamless their Internet experience is now, how their rates are fair, and how their service is solid, we know we made the right choice by starting Tachus.

We look forward to continuing to earn our customers trust and creating a different kind of Internet service here in Houston, one that’s built on community, transparency, and trust.

Hal Brumfield

Founder and CEO of Tachus Fiber Internet


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