Community Spotlight: Jim and Romy's Story

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December 12, 2022

As Tachus has been installing our 100% Fiber network in Alden Bridge, we’ve started offering Internet service to residents who have been waiting for years for another provider to come to their neighborhood. One of these residents is Jim McCloskey, an Alden Bridge resident who first reserved his address for Tachus in early 2020.

Jim is a digital marketing professional who works from home. His wife, Romy, also works from home as a designer. For the two of them, a fast and reliable Internet connection is a must. They also have two sons, both of whom are in school and enjoy playing videogames. Between the four of them, they frequently hit data caps that their previous provider had imposed on them. “We had to keep worrying about hitting our limit and paying overages every month,” said Jim. “The both of us work from home all day and our kids use the Internet for school, and they like to game on their free time, so it’s not easy for us to limit how much bandwidth we use. We needed more.”

Frustrated with having to keep their entire household’s Internet use under their provider’s data cap, as well as having to pay frequently changing monthly bills with extra fees, Jim and Romy were ready to change Internet providers. Unfortunately, there were very few options, and none provided any better service than what they were already receiving. They needed another provider to enter their community if they were going to get the Internet service they needed. Eventually, they learned about Tachus.

“I heard about Tachus on social media,” said Jim. “I saw their customers sharing how fast their service was and that they had no data caps.” After learning that Tachus would be able to provide his family with something their current provider couldn’t, he signed up for Tachus and reserved their address. Since then, Jim has been an avid supporter and community champion, frequently promoting Tachus to his neighbors and Facebook friends and sharing and engaging with our social media posts.

“I work in marketing, so I’m all for promoting a smaller, local business,” he said. Other Alden Bridge residents also got involved. He and fellow Alden Bridge resident, Ronald, would often post about how they looked forward to having their service installed, and even joke about offering cookies to the Tachus team if they install their homes early.

For over two years, Jim and fellow Alden Bridge residents supported Tachus on social media in an effort to help bring 100% Fiber network to their homes as soon as possible. In April, 2022, Jim and Romy had their Tachus service installed. When they did, they had a box of cookies ready for their installer.

Jim and Tachus Technician Michael


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