Charges To Look for On Your Internet Bill

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July 14, 2023

How much do you pay your Internet provider every month? Is it the same amount they quoted you when you first signed up for service? Does your bill have extra or “other” fees on top of your Internet service rate?

Tachus believes in keeping bills as transparent and straightforward as possible. We do this by only billing our customers the prices they see on our website—no extra charges added. That’s why understanding and paying a Tachus service bill is super fast and super simple—just like our Internet service!

If you’re using another Internet service provider, however, your billing experience may not be that simple. Want to know if your ISP is unnecessarily charging you extra fees? Here are some examples of extra fees to look for on your next Internet bill:

• Sales Tax

• Equipment Rental Fees

• Contracts

• Overage Charges

• Franchise Fees

• State Cost Recovery

Sales Tax

Did you know that in the State of Texas, Internet providers aren’t required to collect a state tax from their customers? Yet, most Texans still see a sales tax on their Internet bill every month. Because Tachus isn’t required to collect a tax from our customers, we don’t. With the mission of being an Internet provider that communities trust, Tachus has stopped charging sales taxes since July 1, 2020, when the state ceased collecting them.

Equipment Rental Fees

How much do you pay per month to use your provider’s modem or router? You need this equipment to use your service; shouldn’t it be included in the service fee you’re already paying? Why should your monthly fees include it?

At Tachus, we’ve determined that our Fiber modem is the best way to connect to our network. That’s why we provide it to you as a part of your Internet plan at no extra cost. It’s a part of our service, so it’s already included in the service rates that we display on our website and quote to our customers. The only equipment you will ever pay for is the equipment that you purchase and own yourself—such as your own Wi-Fi total home mesh system.


Any mention of a contract on your bill refers to extra charges that you don’t have to pay now but will have to in the future. If your bills refer to a twelve-month or twenty-four-month contract at all, pay very close attention to when it will end. You can often expect to be charged more the month after your contract is up.

You can call your provider when this happens and try to negotiate for a lower price, or you can sign up for a provider that doesn’t have contracts or price hikes in the first place. Tachus is a provider that has lifetime pricing and no contracts. Unless you decide to change your speeds, the amount you are billed each month will stay the same for as long as you are a Tachus customer.

Overage Charges

Granted, overage charges are avoidable if you keep data usage under your provider’s data caps. But why deal with data caps in the first place? You may be confident that you can stay under any Internet usage limitations your provider puts on you, but you don’t know if that will change in the future.

If you add to your household, use more devices, or upgrade your existing devices, you are increasing the amount of data you use. Any data limitations you’re staying under today might not be enough in a few years. That’s why you’re better off using a provider that doesn’t charge fees for overages at all. For this reason, Tachus has never used data caps or overage charges, and you’ll never see them on a Tachus bill.

Franchise Fees

You’ll typically find this under “other charges” on your bill. Other providers define a franchise fee as payments to local governments so that an ISP can use a community’s public rights-of-way or easements. Any permitting or construction-related costs incurred to Tachus will never be reflected on a bill to our customers.

State Cost Recovery Charge

This is another fee you may find under “other charges” together with your franchise fee. Internet providers define this as a fee to recover a portion of expenses paid to the State of Texas.

This is not a fee that Internet providers are required to collect from customers. Like taxes, if we’re not required to charge you for a state cost recovery, we won’t. You’ll never see this on a Tachus bill.

About Tachus Bills

We’ve talked a lot about what’s not on our bill. What’s on them is the exact amount you’re quoted when you sign up.

If you’re on our 500 Mbps plan, you are paying exactly $80 because that’s the price that’s displayed on our website. You will not see any extra charges, nor will you need to read the fine print for any hidden fees. But don't take our word for it! Take a look at a Tachus customer’s bill!

Our Tachus bill displays only one cost.

It’s short, to the point, and displays ONE dollar amount—the same amount that's on our website and that's quoted to all of our customers. You’ll find no extra charges or fine print anywhere. Don’t you wish all your bills were this simple and transparent? At least one of them can be once you join Tachus, where you get super fast and super simple pricing for a super fast and super simple 100% Fiber Internet connection.


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