Bring TACHUS to Kingwood: Tammy's Story

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July 14, 2023

Tachus customers in Kingwood might be familiar with a group on Facebook called “Bring TACHUS to Kingwood”, a page created by residents in an effort to raise community interest in Tachus and bring our blazing-fast service to their area.

As the group’s description states, the page was not created or run by Tachus but by “Kingwood residents who want a reliable option to other providers.” Created in July of 2020, the group now consists of nearly 800 members—some are already active customers while others plan to switch services. Tammy Cooney, co-creator and administrator for the group, had her service installed in early 2022 with other Kingwood East residents.

Tammy Cooney, founder and admin for the facebook group.
Tammy Cooney, co-founder and administrator for the group

Tammy first became interested in Tachus when she heard it was founded because CEO Hal Brumfield and his mother, a retired schoolteacher, were looking for a better alternative to their Internet provider. “I’m a retired educator myself, so the story really resonated with me,” she said.

As a longtime resident of Kingwood, Tammy had been getting Internet service from one of only two options available to the area. Neither option was giving her or her neighbors the service they needed. “We have been so disappointed with their speeds and customer service, and so ready for something new.”

With Tachus offering a new option to her community, Tammy wanted to get the word out to their neighbors about our enrollment and construction process. That’s when she created the Facebook group with Eric Johnston.

“We created the group because we wanted to make sure our neighbors were getting accurate information about Tachus,” said Tammy. “We wanted to make it easier for people who don’t check Tachus’ website to stay informed about their work here.” Originally created to share updates with residents directly from Tachus’ website, social media, and email communications, the page has grown to be much more than that.

Tammy and her Tachus installer, Tyler.
Tammy and Field Service Technician Tyler

The group now serves as a forum for current and future customers to share their experiences with our construction process, as well as share advice on how to make a smooth transition to Tachus from other providers. You’ll also find members share advice on which routers to buy, frequently asked tech support questions, and how to get the most out of their lightning-fast Fiber Internet connection.

Residents who were considering switching to Tachus saw that they were getting support not just from Tachus but from their own neighbors as well, and as the group continued to grow, so did the number of Tachus customers in Kingwood.

Are you a resident of Kingwood? If you are, you should join the “Bring TACHUS to Kingwood” Facebook group—you’ll get to connect with members of your own community who are willing to help you, whether you’re just now finding out about Tachus or are already actively receiving our service.

If you don’t live in Kingwood and don’t have a resource like this, consider starting one yourself! Starting a Facebook group is fun and easy, and any of your friends and neighbors interested in switching Internet providers will be great first members to recruit.

Whether or not we’re in your area, we’d love to connect with your community—and we’d love your help! Tachus is always looking for Community Champions to help us get to know our communities and keep an open line of communication with them, and in this day and age there’s no better way to do that than with the power of social media.

Interested in creating a Tachus support Facebook group for your community? Get started here!


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