An Update in The Woodlands

Tachus Community


December 12, 2022

The summer of 2021 has been an exciting time for Tachus and its communities; especially in The Woodlands. Ever since announcing that we would open our own community for registrations last year, we have worked hard to bring Tachus fiber Internet to as many homes as possible. And that work is paying off.  

As of July, 2021, we have finished building our network in the Villages of Cochran’s Crossing and Panther Creek, complete with backup generators at each cabinet and a fully redundant system. We have also grown to serve over 1,000 residents of The Woodlands and counting, and have made our blazing-fast fiber Internet available to over thousands of homes in the community. Being founded and based in The Woodlands, we’re happy to be able to offer our service to so many of our neighbors, and we look forward to offering it to even more in the near future.  

Residents of Alden Bridge have registered for Tachus’ service and brought us into their Village, and we officially began construction in June. This will be our third Village in The Woodlands to receive our service. We also announced to residents of Creekside that their Village has been opened for registration and have begun to receive deposits from them.  

As a local business, we not only serve our fellow residents of Montgomery County; we employ them as well. Every single Tachus employee you will ever interact with is based in our office in The Woodlands and lives in the greater Houston area. We have created over 100 fulltime jobs here in Montgomery County, and partner with several other local businesses and contractors based in Montgomery County and Harris County.  

We look forward to bringing our service to the rest of The Woodlands, and offering all of our neighbors a fiber Internet service that is not only blazing-fast, but reliable, transparent, honest, and supported by our local customer service team.

Interested in Tachus fiber? Use our address checker to see if we’re in your area. If you don’t have fiber Internet in your community, learn more about how you can bring Tachus into your neighborhood.


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