Tachus TV: A Solution to Streaming



June 9, 2022

Tachus is excited to announce that we are partnering with MyBundle.TV—a service that makes the switch to streaming seamless.  Find the best on-demand and live TV streaming services and finally ditch the over-priced cable plans for good!

Start by making a list of the channels you and your family watch. Where do you watch your news? What sports do you watch? Do you want to watch the weather channel? What shows do you watch as a family? What do your kids watch? Once you start this list, go to Tachus.com/TV.

Tachus.com/TV will take you through a quick selection experience powered by MyBundle.TV. Select the channels you want to watch and the streaming devices you use, and MyBundle.TV will show you the streaming services that are the best fit for you.

Depending on your preferred channels, you may be an excellent fit for YouTube TV. Maybe your household is a perfect combo for ESPN+ and FRNDLY (Hello, Hallmark Channel). The possibilities are endless and MyBundle.TV will deliver the recipe to your ideal streaming scenario.

The Tachus MyBundle.TV guide will then provide a link for you to register directly on the streaming service sites. This gives you the flexibility to utilize each services best offer.

The best part about these streaming services is that you can cancel and restart them at any time. Are you all caught up on a show that’s on a premium channel like HBO or Showtime? You can change your service and spend less money while you wait for the next season to come out.

Cutting the cord with your cable company and switching to streaming is now easier than ever. With MyBundle.TV, you can save money, choose the service that’s just for you, and pay a fraction of the cost of cable TV. Give it a chance, and you might never use cable again.

Get started below!

Get your new streaming service here!


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