A Look Back at 2022


July 14, 2023

As Tachus kicks off 2023, we want to take a moment to look back at all the things we’re thankful for in 2022. We’ve grown our team, expanded into new communities, and achieved some remarkable milestones! Here are some of our biggest achievements and favorite memories from 2022 that we at Tachus are grateful for:

1. Being recognized as the fastest download speed in Houston

Fastest download speed in Houston!

Earlier this year, speedtest.net (a leading Internet speed test and a favorite among Tachus techs) recognized Tachus Fiber Internet as the fastest median download speed in Greater Houston. The numbers speak for themselves, and ours are the greatest in Houston!

2. Lighting 25,000 customers and beyond

Our 25,000th customer!

In December, we connected our 25,000th customer to blazing-fast Fiber Internet. What made the occasion even more special was that it was a Tachus employee—a member of our construction team who has worked to bring our communities the quality of Internet service that he would use himself.

3. Passing over 95,000 homes

Another milestone we reached this year was 95,000 total homes passed. That’s more than double what we had last year (40,000)! Nearly 100,000 homes throughout Lake Conroe, Kingwood, Atascocita, Porter, and The Woodlands have access to fiber-optic Internet service that we have made available to them. We’re thrilled to have brought our 100% Fiber connection to so many residences and can’t wait to see how many will have access by 2024.

4. Lighting our first homes in Atascocita and Porter

Our first customer in Atascocita!

The moment we look forward to the most when we build our fiber-optic network into a new community is finally lighting our first customer in the area. This year, we got to do that in both Atascocita and Porter, and we’re so thrilled to experience more moments like that in 2023.

5. Completing our network in Kingwood

Kingwood Ribbon Cutting

Earlier in 2022, we held a Ribbon Cutting in Kingwood to celebrate our completed network in the area. We’re so excited to offer service all throughout Kingwood and can’t wait to do the same in our other communities!

6. Our local community events

Tachus events

This year, we’ve really ramped up our local events in our communities—from Kona Ice and HeBrews Coffee pop-ups to concerts, movie nights, and more! You can look forward to seeing more near you in 2023. Check out our events page and catch the next one in your area.

7. Our Super Neighbors

Our first super neighbor!

Since kicking off our Tachus Super Neighbor Referral Program earlier this year, five customers have achieved Super Neighbor status (with one already making Super Duper Neighbor)! In addition to their elite status, they earned FREE months of Internet along with some awesome perks—all by referring their friends to Tachus!

Learn more about how you can get these perks too!

8. Connecting families during the Holidays

The holiday season is the Internet’s busiest time of the year, and Christmas is the busiest day. Whether you were shopping for gifts, face timing out-of-town family, or trying out your new gadgets on Christmas morning, you and countless other people used the Internet to get a lot done this season. It means a lot to us that our customers chose and trusted Tachus to keep them connected and celebrate the holidays with loved ones near and far.

9. Our growing team

Recently, the Tachus team surpassed 160 members! That means that as your local Internet provider Tachus is now made up of over 160 residents of the communities we proudly serve. We’re truly grateful for each member and their own unique contribution to our mission.

10. You (obviously)

It goes without saying, but we would not have any of the above without your support. Whether you’re a Tachus customer or someone who follows us online, we’re glad you’re here with us. We have a lot to look forward to in 2023, and we’re happy to have you along for the ride.

We at the Tachus team would like to thank you for a great year and wish you a Happy New Year in 2023.


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