5 Steps To Getting Tachus

Tachus Community


February 3, 2023

If Tachus Fiber Internet is not yet in your community, here are some steps you and your neighbors can take to help bring our fiber-optic Internet connection to your area. Since Tachus builds our Fiber network based on demand, we need your help raising interest in your neighborhood so that we can build our blazing-fast Fiber Internet in your area.

Here's how you can help, and what to expect next:

Step 1: Tell Your Neighbors About Us!

• Share our address checker with your neighbors

Let your neighbors know that they can help bring blazing-fast, reliable Fiber Internet to your community and send them to get.tachus.com.

The more people in your neighborhood who enter their address, the sooner we can open your area for reservations! Each neighbor who does this gets you one step closer to getting Tachus.

• Post about Tachus on your Neighborhood Page

Share this graphic to your neighborhood social media pages and let fellow members know why you want to bring Tachus to your community. Feel free to post it on any of your social media accounts too. Get the message out there for all of your neighbors to see! And don’t forget to send them to our address checker!

Share this with your neighbors!

• Create a Facebook Group

Residents of Kingwood helped to bring Tachus into their community by creating a Facebook group about it and inviting their neighbors to join. Creating a group is easy, but the effect it can have on bringing Tachus into your area is massive! Learn how Kingwood did it here.

Step 2: We'll Notify You

Once we gain enough interest in your community, we'll send you an email notification that your neighborhood is open for reservation. That's when you'll have the opportunity to secure your $10 VIP Reservation. As a VIP, your $10 reservation will cover your installation and your first month of service, and will include additional perks like a priority installation (you’ll be among the first on your street to get service!) and exclusive up-to-date construction emails once we start building our network.

Is your community Open for Reservations? Order a yard sign and let them know we’re coming!

Step 3: We'll Start Building

Once we finish preparations to bring our service to your area, we begin construction in your neighborhood. Learn more about our construction process here.

Step 4: Schedule Your Installation

When our network is complete in your community, we will email you a link to schedule your installation with us.

Step 5: Get Connected

After you schedule your installation, we send a drop bury crew a few days before your scheduled appointment to run the Fiber from your curb to your home. On the day of your installation, our friendly technician will install your Tachus modem and managed Wi-Fi device to get you connected to our blazing-fast Fiber Internet! You can learn more about what to expect during your drop bury and installation here.

Now that you know how to bring Tachus Fiber Internet into your neighborhood, it’s time to get your neighbors and friends to join in! This process can be fun and rewarding the more you involve your community. And hey—it’s a great way to get out and meet all your neighbors!

We would love to bring our service to your community, and we look forward to doing so! Want to know what to expect once we come to your area? Learn more here!


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