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Hey Southwest Houston, looks like your neighborhood is about to get blazing-fast fiber Internet

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Provide fast, reliable Internet speeds that require no explanation.


What our customers say

"You guys have definitely lived up to everything you said you would do... very refreshing these days."

Sharon from Lake Conroe

"I have noticed a marked increase over speed and reliability on both computer usage and TV streaming services. Could not be more pleased."

Ben from Lake Conroe

"Thank you for being proactive and sending messages when you are doing system checks and things. We love having Tachus!"

Ana from Lake Conroe

"The outside crew who buried the cable were professional and fast. They put everything exactly where I wanted it. You can't even tell they were there. Very impressed."

Brian from The Woodlands

"So very pleased with the overall service so far. Installation and set-up were super. Three times as fast, 10x more reliable, and 2/3rds the price of my previous provider. Strongly recommend."

Glen from Kingwood

"I was nervous about switching to Tachus after 30 years with a big provider. There was no need for concern. We are more than satisfied. Great company...great service. You won't be disappointed."

Tom from The Woodlands

"I was very pleased with the installation in my home. The technician was very knowledgeable and patient in working with me. The entire process from the construction to the installation was more than satisfactory."

Gayle from Kingwood