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Fiber Internet You Can Hang Your Hat On

  • 100% pure fiber-optic Internet that’s faster than a bull out of the chute
    Get the speeds you need. Upload and download with zero slowdowns, game without lag, and stream without buffering.
  • Service as reliable as your favorite barrel-racing quarter horse
    Stop worrying about losing service or getting slowed down. Tachus offers unmatched reliability, guaranteeing you consistent speeds and a connection that stays up no matter what.
  • Lifetime pricing that shoots straight
    You will receive up-to-date construction emails along the way.
  • Customer support from deep in the heart of Texas
    Our friendly customer service team is 100% Texan and based out of our north Houston headquarters. Have a question? Call us at 832-791-1100 to talk to a Texan!
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What does a $10 VIP Reservation get you?

  • Professional Installation & First Month of Service
    As a VIP you get priority installation plus assistance with the setup of your Wi-Fi devices, and your first full month of service. That’s up to a $139 value.
    You’ll be the first on your street to get installed!
    You will receive up-to-date construction emails along the way.
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