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How do I restart my router?

Restarting your Router & Modem

If you are experiencing service interruptions or your service is not performing as expected, first, reboot your router and modem, then notify Tachus' support team. It may be a cliche, but when yourInternet stops working, the first thing you should do is restart your equipment. Follow the steps below for the quickest way to troubleshoot your issues. If, after these steps, you are still experiencing issues, give us a call!

How to reboot your equipment if you have an indoor modem:

1.    Push the power button on the router and the modem; or unplug the equipment from the power outlet.

2.    Wait at least 30seconds for your devices to cool down and allow your devices to recognize they are offline.  

3.    Press the power button again to turn the modem back on, or, if unplugged, plug the modem back in to its power source.  

4.    Wait at least 1 minute for your modem to connect back to the ISP.

5.    Now power on or plugin the rest of your equipment.

6.    Wait at least 2minutes to allow your router to boot up. This will also give your devices such as computers and smart phones time to find the new signal.

7.    It may be necessary to restart computers and other wireless devices if some of the devices are online and others aren't. 

How to reboot your equipment if you have an outdoor modem:

If you have an outdoor modem, you will need to follow different steps to reboot your equipment. You will need to reboot both your modem and router.

1.    Locate the modem on the outside of your home. It will typically be with the other utilities.

2.    Find where the modem plugs into the electrical outlet. This is typically a cord coming in through the wall into your garage.

3.    Unplug the modem for at least 30 seconds then plug back into the outlet. Follow steps 5 -7 from above to reboot your router and other network equipment in your home.

I rebooted my modem and router, but I am still experiencing slow speeds. What do I do now?

If, after these steps, you are still experiencing any issues with your service, please contact us immediately. We want to address any issues to provide you with the best Internet service experience. It is important to us that you reach out and make Tachus aware of any problems - if we are not made aware, we cannot fix it. Please email us at support@tachus.com or give us a call at 832.791.1100    

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