Internet Built To Help Your Business Grow Faster

Superior Speeds
Your business never has to slow down when you get the same speeds for downloading and uploading.
Our 100%, pure fiber-optic network ensures your speeds stay fast and congestion-free so your business stays productive.
Lifetime Pricing
The price you sign up for is the price you pay. Forever. Put those savings back into your business.

Ultra-reliable Internet straight to your business

Tachus Business Fiber was designed to deliver synchronous upload & download speeds and the reliability and performance your business deserves!

100% pure fiber-optic network engineered to be “congestion-free”

Synchronous speeds of up to 10.0 Gbps Download / 10.0 Gbps Upload

99.99% reliability

Static IP address included

No taxes, no fees - just simple, transparent pricing

No long-term contracts - for almost every situation

Lifetime pricing – what you pay today, you pay forever

100% local, Texas-based customer support – available 24/7 from dedicated tech specialists

Other plans and multiple IP addresses available

Tachus Business Smart Wi-Fi | Powered by Plume WorkPass available

Dedicated business hardware and backhaul, ensures maximum reliability

What is ACTIVE ETHERNET via a DEDICATED fiber-optic network and where is it available?

Active Ethernet from Tachus Business Fiber utilizes a dedicated, fiber-optic connection from your business to our main cabinet switch. That fiber-connection belongs 100% to your business and only your data travels along that dedicated fiber. This type of connection provides the most available bandwidth that is congestion-free, allows for the most extreme speeds and provides maximum data security.

If a highly secure connectivity with unparalleled performance is vital to your business, then Active Ethernet may be your best choice.

The Advanced XGS Network is a synchronous business network from Tachus Business Fiber, designed specifically for areas with a high business concentration. It uses a proprietary passive network design, hardware, and ports to deliver exceptional performance, with speeds up to 8.0 Gbps download and 8.0 Gbps upload. The network proactively and virtually manages your business data, giving it the highest priority to ensure maximum reliability and bandwidth availability.


Both are available in our bespoke business parks as well as most custom business buildouts throughout our network in Houston, TX.

Tachus Business Smart Wi-Fi | Powered by Plume WorkPass®

Tachus Business Smart Wi-Fi, powered by Plume WorkPass® provides business Wi-Fi that is about more than signal strength – with a simple, intuitive app, it unlocks productivity, security, and marketing superpowers and puts them in the palm of your hand.  

LINK provides adaptive, cloud-based management
CONCIERGE provides the ability to manage your guest networks
SHIELD is an enterprise-grade security
KEYCARD provides workforce management tools
FLOW provides motion awareness data

Tachus Business Fiber Resources

Using a Static IP Address for
Your Business

Did you know that 25.4% of all American business last year was conducted online? Ten years ago, that number was a mere 9%. Here's how a static IP from Tachus Business Fiber can help you keep up with this trend and reach your customers more effectively.

VoIP: Why It's Time To Replace
Your Business's Landline

If your business isn't yet using a VoIP, you have everything to gain by canceling your landline and making the switch today. VoIP systems can offer your business several benefits, including easier installation, lower cost, and the potential to scale as your company grows.

Customer Success Stories

“Tachus is highly valuable.”
Houston Plastic Products is a plastic injection molding service based in the Houston area. With a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, they rely on Tachus Business Fiber's low latency and robust bandwidth to transmit large engineering data files to and from AWS.
"We never have an issue."
Vertical Web is a web design and digital design firm that has been in business for 25 years. They use their Tachus Business Fiber connection to provide web hosting, web design, and search engine optimization services to both local and international businesses.
"Previous service? -10/10.
Tachus? 11/10."
Kingwood-based gaming influencer MoiDawg counts on consistent, symmetrical upload and download speeds to live stream to his audience. And he depends on Tachus Business Fiber's 100% fiber-optic connection to keep his 100% online business up and running.
"Tachus Business rocks, just like my personal service did."
Veracity Forensics is an independent firm providing digital forensic investigative, expert witness, and discovery services. With Tachus Business Fiber's symmetrical speeds, they move gigabyte and terabytesized files between their Houston-based operations and other cities.


What is Business Fiber?

Tachus Business Fiber is an Internet service that brings the bandwidth, speed, reliability, and cutting-edge technology of fiber-optics to businesses, allowing you to work efficiently and without interruptions.

We offer your business:

Zero loading page wait time and video-call lagging with a 100% pure fiber-optic network

The ability to transmit terabyte-sized files efficiently with symmetrical upload and download Gig speeds

The highest grade of reliability and productivity with a 99.99% customer uptime  

Static IP address included

No taxes, fees, or gimmicks—what you see is what you pay

No price hikes or surprises—just lifetime prices

100% local, Texas-based customer support

24/7 call-in support dedicated to businesses

Prompt, professional, on-site support

Multiple IP addresses available

Powerful, customizable wireless network from Tachus Business Smart Wi-Fi, powered by Plume WorkPass

Can my business use Tachus?

Tachus Business Fiber offers several customizable options to fit your business’s needs. Inquire with our Business Fiber team to see how Tachus can help and scale with your business as you grow!

What plans do you offer?

From 300 Mbps / 300 Mbps to 10 Gbps / 10 Gbps Active Ethernet, Tachus Business Fiber offers a wide range of speeds and plans that can suit your needs and how you do business. Please see our Business buy-flow to pick your plan!  And don’t worry, we make it simple to change your plan as needed to suit the needs of your business – Reach out to us and one of our dedicated, Business professionals will help you with your choice!

What is the price of Business Fiber?

We have customizable plans available for your business needs. Check your business’s address at to get more pricing details.

Is there technical support?

Tachus offers technical support dedicated to businesses. Our Texas-based call center is available 24/7.